Special Rescue Group Femeraid International
   The   Special   Rescue   Group   -   St.   Lazarus   Corps   was   founded   on   the   16   of   June   1991.         The Group   is   also   a   member   of   the   International   Green   Cross   Volunteers   and   a   member   of   the Association   of   First   Aiders.      In   April   of   2012   the   Group   became   affiliated   with   Femeraid International. Its    founder    Prof.    Sir.    David    J.    Zammit    was    given    command    of    the    Group    with    the    able assistance of Dr. John Mifsud as Surgeon General and Dr. Joe Pace as Director of training. The   Staff   officers   of   the   group   started   a   recruitment   and   training   campaign   for   the   new members of the group. The   group   was   founded   to   give   help   to   all   people   without   any   discrimination   to   Sex,   Religion, Nationality   and   Political   opinions.   Its   purpose   is   to   protect   human   life   and   health   and   to ensure respect for the human being thus developing the Body, the Mind and the Spirit. It is a voluntary relief movement and not prompted in any way by any desire for any material or any other form of personal gain. Volunteers   both   male   and   female,   offering   their   services   with   the   group   are   given   the   necessary   training   to   do   there   job   with   the section they belong. Members are expected to abide by the rules and regulations of the Special Rescue Group. The groups started to expand by opening branches in the United States of America, Brazil, Denmark, Australia, Germany and Scotland. If you wish to take part in these activities or join the Group contact us on cic@srg-int.org  or info@srg-int.org  

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